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6 Body Piercing Ideas That Can Impress Your Friends. Back To Basics. The 4 Fundamentals That Everyone Always Forget About Body Piercing.

The Reason Why Everyone Love Body Piercing Dermal / Microdermal / Microsurgical

dermal piercing & microdermal done at tattoo mania & body piercing training institute at thane

A quick little talk about dermal or Micro dermal or just microsurgical all right so this has several different nicknames, the most part dermal is pretty awesome it’s kind of replaced surface bars just because they tend to heal fast and well a lot of service bars. We will be covering up some more question

What Size It Should Be?

How Much Time It Will Take For Healing?

How dermal piercing is done?

Dermal Aftercare And Many More

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7 Secrets That Experts You for Your Belly Piercing. Do You Want To Know?

navel piercing and belly piercing done at tattoo mania & body piercing training institute at thane

Let’s do a really quick talk here on you know basic information regarding the belly button or navel piercing.

how to belly/navel piercing is done?

how long belly piercing heal?

how to clean belly/navel piercing?

Belly/Navel Aftercare And Many More

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FAQ By Google

Most frequent questions and answers

No there is no problem if you are taking good care of your nose piercing there is no problem.

No there is no pain by ear piercing by gun but it has some Terms & Condition. Gun Shot only use for ear lobe or upper lobe not recommend cartilages bone area.

Mostly it is commonly find in woman and transgender but now a days it is fashion to get ear pierced by male also it is tradition in some country.

Yes, you can expose ear to the water but need a special aftercare for your ear piercing hopefully your professional piercer will help you to how to clean and take care.

Yes, you can get your earlobe pierced during monsoon. But need a special care for your ear lobe daily base.

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